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ISBN: 0072262516

Pages: 315

Publisher: McGraw

Topic: Web Marketing

Rating: 4 out of 5 – (4 out of 5)

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Blog Marketing is the first book on blogs I have ever read, it explains everything about using blogs for personal use and for internal and external business use.

Blog Marketing covers how to start a company blog, what type of blog is the best for companies, blogs for internal communication, participating in your blog, how to deal with negativity on your blog and how to succeed with your blog as well as learning about how to find out who is talking about your company and products online.

Once you have read Blog Marketing you will know which is the best type of blog software you should use, how to write a blog and what to include in your blog, as well as how to deal with negativity in your blog if you allow visitors to add comments to your blog.

Blog Marketing gives you a good overview of what a blog actually is and how your business can use blogs to reach more customers and get feedback from those customers. But don’t think this book is just about how business can benefit from blogs, as all the content adheres to personal blogs as well.

There is a good story about how the Disney camera and production team used internal blogs to keep records of any problems or occurences which may have happened during a working shift. The blog could then be read easily by the next shift employees, as a type of log. This meant that all employees then had an online log which enable employees to share the shift information and be able to search it, and so have an online historical record.

Overall Blog Marketing is a good blogging book which should tell you everything you need to know about blogs and how to interact with your visitors and so market your blog or company via your blog. There are a number of good examples of how large corporations have used blogs and how you can also use them. The book will not tell you how to set up a blog account or install blog software but it can tell you the best ways to market your blog and administer it, so that you can increase sales, build your brand and get results.

Blog Marketing Book Review
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