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Oracle Home is here to aid and educate you on everything concerned with the Oracle DB and other programming languages. We have the usual sections of Oracle Tips, Scripts, Code, White Papers etc. But we have added sections on Oracle Built In functions, Computer Magazines, Computer Hardware & Software as well as Web Host Comparisons and ISP and Broadband details, we have also added sections on other non Oracle languages including Javascript, PHP, Excel and MS Access.

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Oracle PL/SQL Programming

Oracle PL/SQL Programming by O'Reilly
6th Edition

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Oracle Essesntials Oracle Database 12c

Oracle Essesntials Oracle Database 12c by O'Reilly
What you need to know about Oracle Database architecture and features

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Effective MySQL: Optimizing SQL Statements

Effective MySQL: Optimizing SQL Statements by Oracle Press
Practical Knowledge for Performance Improvement

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Active Directory Cookbook

Active Directory Cookbook by O'Reilly
Solutions for Administrators and Developers

Designing Web Interfaces

Designing Web Interfaces by O'Reilly
Principles and Patterns for Rich Interactions

Computer Books

Oracle Computer Books We have a put together a great selection of Oracle Books, including the latest Oracle 10G Books.

All Compared Book Prices can be ordered online.

Top 10 Oracle 10G Books / Top 10 Oracle Books / Top 10 PHP Books / Top 10 Computer Books / Perl Books / PHP Books / MySQL Books

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Computer Magazines

Computer MagazinesWe have a great selection of computer magazines, now over 25, all can be delivered straight to your door and you can save lots of money when subscribing - instead of just buying the magazine every month for extortionate fees of around £4.99

For example if you subscribe to Internet Magazine you normally pay £4.99 a month in the stores, but if you subscribe you can get each magazine for only £2.70!! delivered to your door.

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