If you write a union query in Microsoft Access then try to get the program to turn it into a Make Table query or Append query it seems to remove your union SQL text and start again with a blank SQL window.

This is a problem especially if you have hit the copy and paste Access limit of 65,000+ rows as you usually just copy and paste between tables, or between Access and Excel or like me copy and paste from Access to a linked ODBC table in Oracle.

So what do you do?

  1. Start by writing your Union Query and then save the query.
  2. Create a brand new Microsoft Query and then select Append or Make Table.
  3. Now instead of choosing your tables for the query, instead just choose your Union Query
  4. If using the Append table option then just map the fields from the Union Query to the Append table and run the query.
Microsoft Access Make Table Union Query Failing

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