It hardly seems five minutes since Oracle 10g was released and we were discussing the new features of that, but now we have Oracle 11g Database. Below are the main new features of Oracle Database 11g.

Oracle Real Application Testing

This feature makes it easier to test systems before and after database upgrades and hardware and operating system changes so you can catch and fix problems more quickly.

Enhanced Partitioning

These capabilities include partitioning by parent/child references; partitioning by virtual columns, more composite partitioning choices; and interval partitioning, which automatically generates new partitions based on intervals, such as every day or every month.

Advanced Compression

Oracle Database 11g supports data compression for update, insert and delete operations commonly used in online transaction processing (OLTP) applications.  Oracle Database 11g table compression improves database performance with better use of memory for caching data and reduced I/O for table scans.

Flashback Data Archive

Part of the Oracle Total Recall option, this feature lets you query data in selected tables “as of” earlier times, which adds a time dimension to your data for change tracking, information lifecycle management, auditing and compliance.  Flashback data archive stores change data automatically to enable fast query access to old versions of the data.

Oracle SecureFiles

This feature lets you store large objects such as images, large text objects, or advanced datatypes including XML, medical imaging, and geospatial raster objects inside the database.  The performance is apparently comparable to file systems, and Oracle SecureFiles provides advanced functionality including intelligent compression, transparent encryption and transparent deduplication.

PL/SQL Function Result Cache

This new PL/SQL function allows you cache frequently retrieved data, and get the data from the block buffer cache, instead of checking to see if the query has already been parsed, finding the data in the buffer and then returning it.

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Oracle 11g New Features

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