Speed, Search Engine and Conversion Rate Secrets

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ISBN: 0596515081

Pages: 394

Publisher: O’Reilly

Topic: Web Marketing

Rating: 4 out of 5 – (4 out of 5)

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I have actually read Website optimisation from cover to cover, and very slowly, so when it comes to try and write this review I have forgotten about a lot of the book. At over 350 pages there was a lot of content in this book and a book I think that you should bookmark when you find important parts, you could also just read sections you are interested in.

Website Optimisation is split into two main parts, Search Engine Marketing Optimisation and Web Performance Optimisation.

The Search Engine Optimisation part is then split into five sections, Natural Search Engine Optimisation, an SEO case study, PPC Optimisation, PPC case study and Conversion Rate Optimisation.

This section includes all the important things you need to know such as core SEO techniques and 10 Steps to Higher Search Engine Rankings. There are examples of how to redesign websites to make them more SEO friendly. There are also great chapters on Pay Per Click (PPC) optimisation by teaching you the basics of PPC and how to optimise ads, landing pages and bids, there is also a useful case study covering PPC.

Part two of the book is more about your website itself and involves getting your hands dirty with coding. This section instructs you how to optimise your web pages, and how to optimise your CSS in order to make your page sizes smaller and so load faster and cost less in bandwidth costs.

Website Optimisation includes a big chapter on Ajax Optimisation, a technology you may not use on your site at all, but this chapter goes into some depth about how to optimise and correctly use Ajax in the right situations.

The final two chapters cover server side, client side optimisation techniques and optimisation metrics.

Overall, Website Optimisation is a great book which packs in a lot of information and some great tips if you are looking to speed up your website or optimise your PPC or SEO techniques.

Website Optimisation Book Review
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