33 internet superstars reveal 43 ways to make money online almost instantly – using only e-mail

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ISBN: 0471718556

Pages: 284

Publisher: Wiley

Topic: Web Marketing

Rating: 4 out of 5 – (4 out of 5)

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I read this book in under a week and kept reading it whenever I had any spare time. I like this type of American text which talks about making moey on the internet as there does not seem to be many good books like this available which are up to date. This book has a lot of chapters and excerpts which are taken from well known ebooks. The good thing about the book is that it is divided into 43 separate easily readable chapters each dealing with ideas on how to make money on the internet.

Chapter titles include ‘Top 10 laws of internet marketing’, ‘Making easy money online’, ‘Easy money for newbies at ebay’ and ‘How to earn maximum profits from affiliate programs’. For the full chapter title list see below.

The book itself was put together by Joe Vitale and Jo Han Mok and created in under a month by emailing the leading internet marketers and business people for their best tips on making money on the internet.

The e-code apparently boils down to putting out the right e-message to the right e-crowd at the right time through email.

This means putting together a good opt-in email list from your website and using autoresponders to send people details of targeted products. They also talk about getting your email recipients to trust you so that they will always buy from you and the items you recommend.

The book also talks a lot about producing digital download products that contain affiliate links within them and giving away free resale rights, so that your ebook is spread like a virus and you still make commissions from the affiliate links.

There are many more good ideas and tips for making money from the internet in ‘The e Code’, definitely worth a read by anyone who is interested in affiliate programs and making money on the internet.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: How to Make Money Online (Joe Vitale).
Chapter 2: Top 10 Laws of Internet Marketing (Randy Charach).
Chapter 3: Five Explosive Marketing Strategies for Exponential Business Growth (Jo Han Mok).
Chapter 4: Spirit Money: Five Steps to Attract Money When You Have None (Joe Vitale).
Chapter 5: Missing Links (Gary Vurnum).
Chapter 6: Put Back the Power in Your Affiliate Marketing Business! (Ewen Chia).
Chapter 7: Let Somebody Else Make Your First Product (Charles Burke).
Chapter 8: Five Critical Factors You Must Consider to Make Massive Affiliate Commissions (Alex Tan).
Chapter 9: How I Made Over $112,000 Teaching E-Classes (Joe Vitale).
Chapter 10: Five Things Every Internet Marketer Must Learn from Mail Order to Increase Profits Now (Jo Han Mok).
Chapter 11: Printing Books Digitally (Dan Poynter).
Chapter 12: Ten Tips for Using E-Mail to Get News Coverage (Paul J. Krupin).
Chapter 13: A Free Technique to Increase Visitors to Your Web Site (Bill Hibbler).
Chapter 14: Top 10 Ways to Add More Subscribers to Your List (Jo Han Mok).
Chapter 15: Fourteen Winning Methods to Sell Any Product or Service in a Down Economy (Robert W. Bly).
Chapter 16: How to Find Your Exact Buyer on the World Wide Web (Dan Seidman).
Chapter 17: Seven-Day Plan for Making Instant Money Online (Yanik Silver).
Chapter 18: Avoiding the Delete Button: Make Your E-Mail Campaign Pay Off (Diane Hughes).
Chapter 19: Five Simple Ways to Increase Your Web Site Conversion (Jo Han Mok).
Chapter 20: Making Easy Money Online (Terri Levine).
Chapter 21: Team Up with Great People (Bob Serling).
Chapter 22: Help Your Business with a Free E-zine (Shel Horowitz).
Chapter 23: The Secret to Forming Profitable Joint Ventures (Barry Boswell).
Chapter 24: Simple Tips with a Dash of Common Sense (Cathy Stucker).
Chapter 25: How to Create Your Own Profitable Book in One Hour (Joe Vitale and Jim Edwards).
Chapter 26: Niche Marketing Secrets (Rufina James and Bart Baggett).
Chapter 27: Give Them Reseller Rights (Graham Hamer).
Chapter 28: Viral Writing: How to Automate Your Writing Like a Virus (Larry Dotson).
Chapter 29: Outrageous Marketing for Free Newspapers (Joe Vitale).
Chapter 30: Thirty-Nine Ways to Create an E-Book with Little or No Writing (Joe Vitale).
Chapter 31: E-Book Selling Tools (Larry Dotson).
Chapter 32: Magnetic Internet Power Marketing (Christian H. Godefroy).
Chapter 33: Launching a Successful E-Mail Campaign (Peggy McColl).
Chapter 34: Easy Money for Newbies at eBay (Mark Joyner).
Chapter 35: Two Profitable Ideas (Blair Warren).
Chapter 36: Tell a Story in Your Subject Line (Mark Levy).
Chapter 37: The Human Side of Ad Tracking (Jeff Mulligan).
Chapter 38: How to Create a Simple Internet Marketing Business Plan for Maximum Profits—Part 1 (Terry Dean).
Chapter 39: How to Create a Simple Internet Marketing Business Plan for Maximum Profits—Part 2 (Terry Dean).
Chapter 40: The Lazy Person’s Quick and Easy Guide to Affiliate Success—Part 1 (Terry Dean).
Chapter 41: The Lazy Person’s Quick and Easy Guide to Affiliate Success—Part 2 (Terry Dean).
Chapter 42: How to Earn Maximum Profits from Affiliate Programs (Frank Garon and Terry Dean).
Chapter 43: Confessions of a Radical Super-Affiliate (Jason Mangrum).

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