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ISBN: 0735713995

Pages: 345

Publisher: New Riders

Topic: Web Marketing

Rating: 4 out of 5 – (4 out of 5)

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Search Engine Advertising is part of the New Riders series of books on web site marketing and design. Search Engine Advertising covers all areas of search engine advertising including paid placement and paid inclusion advertising.

Search Engine Advertising includes how to produce good ad copy, landing pages and how to build and develop your keyword lists. It also teaches you the best way to track your return on investment and how to keep on improving your advertising and revenues.

Affiliate marketing and protecting your profits from click fraud and trademark infringement are also covered in the book. Search Engine Advertising has some good sections on setting up trusted feeds, web site optimisation and details on getting your products on comparison shopping engines.

The best way to learn about search engine advertising is to actually do it and learn from your mistakes, but after you have read Search Engine Advertising you will be more confident and you will miss those initial pitfalls that other advertisers may fall into.

If you are new to search engine advertising then Search Engine Advertising is a brilliant introduction. It is easy to read and understand and it covers everything you need to know before beginning your online advertising campaigns.

Search Engine Advertising Book Review