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ISBN: 047174753X

Pages: 200

Publisher: Wiley

Topic: Web Marketing

Rating: 4 out of 5 – (4 out of 5)

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This book has been written for people who want to earn revenue from their online content whether the content is in blogs, podcasts or on their own website. The author JD Frazer is a cartoonist and writer who has managed to earn a living from his site by charging a subscription to access his cartoons and content. Frazer will show you how to also earn revenue from your site.

Money for Content and your Clicks for Free start with providing a good overview of the advertising world and how the industry works as well as covering the various types of web advertising including emails, banners and audio ads.

The book also discusses how and when to set up a subscription based model, where you charge customers to access your content. One chapter covers branding and merchandising including getting your logo on Tshirts, Mugs and Pens etc in order to give these away to people who subscribe to your content.

There is a useful chapter on setting up an online community and how to prepare your online community policies. A whole chapter is dedicated to protecting your creations, by way of copyright and trademarks.

Overall the book drives you into following a set path to allow you to earn money from your online content. Money for Content and your Clicks for Free instructs you to first of all establish good content, write your privacy policy, copyright terms and your forum policy for acceptable use. Then sign up with an ad network, crank up the marketing, collect demographic data and finally build a media kit in order to allow you to sign up with sales forces or more ad networks in order to sell your advertising space.

I feel that JD Frazer has truly learnt a lot about generating income from his own sites and he really shares this information well in this book in a well written and thought out manner.

JD Frazer provides a number of good tips in Money for Content and your Clicks for Free, the book is easy to read and there are a lot of diagrams in the book. This book is not a technical programming book so will not tell you how to setup a forum or install a subscription area on your website, but it is a good book if you want to know how other websites generate income and how your online content can to.

Money for Content and your Clicks for Free Book Review