Your Complete Oracle Database XE Starter Kit

ISBN: 007226327X

Pages: 520

Publisher: McGraw Hill

Topic: Oracle Database Express

Rating: 4 out of 5 – (4 out of 5)

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Oracle Database XE Edition is a free to use Oracle database, which is available for both Windows and Linux. This book is based on installing and using Oracle XE edition on the Linux operating system.

Oracle XE Edition is a powerful fully featured Oracle database which is free and can manage your data effectively.

‘Oracle Database 10g Express Edition for Linux’ begins in Part I by taking you through installing the application and then how to program using SQL such as the basics of using SELECT statements and working with the database.

The book in Part II then shows you how to design and build applications within a browser using the query builder, the object browser and using Oracle Application Express. ‘Oracle Database 10g Express Edition for Linux’ shows you how to create menu driven applications that contain forms and reports.

Part III of the book covers the database administration side of Oracle Express edition. This section covers to secure database access by maintaining users and privileges to the database.

This part of the book also contains managing the database files and how to perform imports and exports of data by using RMAN. The book finishes by discussing tuning and getting the most performance from your XE database.

If you are new to Oracle databases and want to start using Oracle Express Edition, (and why not as it’s free) then this book is a great starting point, especially if you want to run XE on Linux, if you want to use Windows to host XE then Oracle Press also have a book for XE on Windows (see our other review of this book).

If you are already a user of Oracle then you will already know a fair bit about the sections in the book such as the basics of SQL and PL/SQL and probably how to use RMAN and administer your database. Otherwise you will still learn new topics such as how to install the database and create applications using Oracle Application Express.

The book also contains a CD which has a copy of Oracle XE for Linux on it.

Oracle Database 10g Express Edition for Linux Book Review