Effectively Create and manage complex databases with Oracle

by Kevin Owens

ISBN: 0130850330

Pages: 410

Publisher: Prentice Hall

Topic: Oracle PLSQL

Rating: 4 out of 5 – (4 out of 5)

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If you require an Oracle book just covering Triggers and Stored Procedures then Programming ‘Oracle Trigger and Stored Procedures’ could be the book for you. I have never seen an Oracle book that covers just these two topics. It starts by introducing you to the basics of the Oracle relational database, and it then goes through declarative constraints, including keys (primary, unique and foreign) and constraints.

Triggers are only introduced in Chapter 6 (there are 11 Chapters all together), every aspect of Oracle Triggers are then discussed including before versus after triggers, trigger bodies, statement level triggers and complex rule enforcement using triggers. After this chapter you’ll have learnt a lot about triggers.

Chapter 10 introduces PL/SQL program units, which includes writing and using procedures, functions and packages. This includes the laying out of the three program unit types, and the best way to develop a package. Other areas of this chapter include IN and OUT parameters, the %TYPE syntax, using defaults and overloading.

The final chapter covers the more basic areas of the pl/sql language including logical operators, arithmetic expressions, string functions, case statements, dbms_pipe, loops, exceptions and more.

Overall a good book, useful if you want to know more enforcing business rules by using Oracle triggers and procedures. There are also some really good code examples of functions and procedures that you could use in your own projects, such as an email procedure, and other string functions.

Programming Oracle Triggers and Stored Procedures Third Edition Book Review