Devices on the system

Every device on the Linux system is represented by a file in the /dev directory

/dev/fd0 The first floppy drive in the computer

/dev/hda The first master IDE Hard Disk Drive

/dev/dsp The first audio DSP device of the computer

/dev/video The first video capture device

/dev/ttyS0 The first serial port of the computer

Mounting and Unmounting Linux from the command line

You can mount devices from the command line, to do this use the mount program. The mount program needs to be told the device that has to be mounted, the filesystem that is present on that device, and the mount point.

$ mount -t iso9660 /dev/cdrom /mnt/cdrom

Some parameters for mounting a CD in Red Hat Linux desktop are preconfigured an are stored in the system configuration file /etc/fstab. So you wouldonly need to perform the following command to mount the CD Rom.

$ mount /mnt/cdrom

To unmount devices, you need to use the umount program. This program only takes one parameter – the mount point of the device.

$ umount /mnt/cdrom

Make sure no device is currently being used before un-mounting it.

Linux System Devices Mounting and Unmounting

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