/bin /usr/bin Contains programs available to all users
/sbin /usr/sbin Contains programs meant to be used by system administrators
/var/log Contains the log files made by various applications.
/home Contains all the personal directories of the users of the system
/boot Contains the files needed by the operating system to load itself into memory.
/etc Contains the system configuration files used by various applications
/mnt Contains the mount points for any removable devices in the system (floppy disks, CD Roms)
/proc Contains the system state information. The info in the files of this directory is maintained directly by the operating system kernel.


The /usr/local/bin directory usually holds new programs as and when they are installed.

Shared libraries reside in the /lib, /usr/lib and /usr/local/lib directories.

Transient and temporary files can be found under /var/tmp and /tmp. The /tmp directory is cleaned up by startup scripts after every reboot, but the /var/tmp directory is not.

The users home directories are usually created under /home


Linux OS Directories
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