at Queue jobs for later execution
bc A bench calculator
cc C-compiler. Symbolic link to GNU C Compiler
clear Clears the screen
crontab Maintains a list of tasks to be performed later
du Reports disk usage for a directory
emacs An editor
F77 Fortran compiler
file Prints file type
find File searching utility
finger Looks up user information
ftp File Transfer program
gcc GNU C-compiler
gdb GNU debugger
gftp Graphical FTP Client
gimp GNU Image manipulation and painting program
gmake Maintains a group of programs
head Displays the first few lines of a file
ispell Interactive spell checker
lpr Spools print jobs
man Displays manual pages for commands
nslookup Looks up DNS information of a host
passwd Changes the password of a user
telnet Telnet client allows remote logins
wall Sends a message to all the terminals of all users
wc Counts words, lines and chars of input text
which Displays the full path of commands
who Displays the list of users currently logged on
Linux commands found in /usr/bin

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