awk Pattern scanning and processing language
bash The Bourne again Shell
cat Concatenates files and prints onto standard output
chgrp Changes the group ownership
chmod Changes file access permissions
chown Changes file ownership permissions
cp Copies files and directories
cpio Copies files to and from archives
csh C-shell
cut Remove sections from each line of input
date Prints the current date and timestamp
dd Converts and copies files
dmesg Display startup messages
echo Displays a line of text
ed An old text editor
grep Regular expression matching program
gzip GNU Zip program for compressing files
kill Terminates running processes
ln Creates links to files and directories
mail Command-line mail client
mkdir Creates a directory
more Paginates a file
mount Maps a file system to a directory
mv Moves a file from one location to another
netstat Prints network statistics
ping Checks for the network reachability of other machines
ps Lists currently running processes
pwd Displays the current working directory
rm Removes files
rmdir Removes directories
sed Stream editor can be used to edit files
sh Bourne Shell
sleep Delays for a specific amount of time
sort Sorts the lines of input
su Change identity of user
tar Archiving program
tcsh Enhanced C Shell
touch Updates the time-stamp on a file or creates one
umount Unmount a currently mounted file system
uname Prints system information
vi A text editor
Linux terminal commands found in /bin directory

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