Creating High Impact Copy Online

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ISBN: 0071380396

Pages: 250

Publisher: McGraw Hill


Rating: 4 out of 5 – (4 out of 5)

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Net Words is a book about how to create great online copy. Writing great online copy is seen as being an art which few websites manage to successfully pull off. Net Words will not exactly tell you how to write great copy from start to finish as writing great copy depends upon who you are writing it for and for what purpose.

Net Words does give you great advice on how to write newsletters, how to make sure your first contacts with customers are handled correctly and not via automated responses, how to get customers to signup to newsletters, how to write short descriptive text, how to improve your product descriptions and more.

There are many quotes and interviews with successful website owners who indicate how they interact with their customers. Net Words generally tells you how to best interact with your customers and how to catch their attention and break away from boring formal text which a lot of websites use for their automated emails and suchlike.

Net Words is a good read and the book should make you think about your website and where you can improve relationships with your customers through text either on your website, in emails or in newsletters.

I found that the final two chapters of the book sum up most of the book, these two chapters are called ’10 Easy Wins with strong copy’ and ‘An online writer’s manifesto’. The Easy Wins chapter will tell you to make your first email connection as personal and as compelling as possible, as well as to add zip and clarity to your short text, test a lot, include calls to action, tell people about your site, and to add a personality to your text.

Overall, if you are new to online copywriting then this book will give you a good insight into how to create great online copy. Net Words will also make you think about your website and after reading the book, you should be prompted to make some improvements, by either rewriting or improving certain areas on your website.

Net Words Book Review
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