Web Application Security Secrets and Solutions

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ISBN: 0072262990

Pages: 520

Publisher: McGraw Hill

Topic: Web

Rating: 3 out of 5 – (3 out of 5)

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‘Hacking Exposed’ tells you how hackers can get into web applications and the kinds of procedures they follow and this book will also tell you how to plug the holes of these security problems you may have.

It is quite amazing to read what sort of things people can do with normal web applications to try and hack into them, such as injection attacks by submitting SQL statements into password fields, and how to scan ports to try and find openings and weaknesses.

‘Hacking Exposed’ begins by discussing how to hack web applications using simple steps, it then moves onto how to profile a site and how to research a particular site before you hit it, such as which language and web server is being used etc. The book also look at other areas, such as how to attack web authentication and authorisation, it also covers how to go about attacking web services based on SOAP. One of the more common known hacking attacks is the DOS or Denial of Service attack, and this book covers this kind of attack in a whole chapter.

‘Hacking Exposed’ covers a wide range of web attacks and you can learn a whole lot about how to attack web applications as well as how to plug the holes in your own web applications so you can minimise the chance of attack.

Hacking Exposed Web Applications Book Review