Building, Scaling, and Optimising the Next Generation of Web Applications

ISBN: 0596102356

Pages: 330

Publisher: O’Reilly

Topic: Web

Rating: 3 out of 5 – (3 out of 5)

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‘Building Scalable Web Sites’ has been written by the lead developer of the flickr website, it has been written based on using the PHP programming language.

‘Building Scalable Web Sites’ will instruct you how to design good architecture underneath your application, and how to choose and run a software development environment. The book also covers integrating email into your web applications and how to plan hardware purchases and web hosting options.

The book deals heavily with PHP and MySQL, and discusses how to scale your web applications and set up replicated servers, find the bottlenecks and fix them and what to look for in the server logs.

‘Building Scalable Web Sites’ is mainly text but it does have a number of code examples including some good tips on how spread the load of connections between MySQL.

‘Building Scalable Web Sites’ also discusses how to get the most speed out of MySQL and keep your applications running.

So if you are just about to start to write a new web application or begin a new web based business then reading ‘Building Scalable Web Sites’ will provide you with good advice on how to begin your project with making sure that your application and hardware can scale when your site gets famous and has tens of thousands of unique visitors per day.

Building Scalable Web Sites Book Review