Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Database-Driven Web Sites

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ISBN: 0596514018

Pages: 428

Publisher: O’Reilly

Topic: MySQL

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PHP and MySQL are rapidly becoming the standard way to develop dynamic, database-driven web sites. Learning PHP & MySQL, Second Edition (O’Reilly), is the perfect way to learn this potent web development combination quickly and easily. This updated second edition is perfect for newcomers to programming as well as hobbyists who are intimidated by harder-to-follow books. With concepts explained in plain English, it starts with the basics of the PHP language, and explains how to work with MySQL, the popular open source database. Expert authors Jon Phillips and Michele Davis then show you how to put the two together to generate dynamic content. However, this book not only focuses on PHP and MySQL, but also on all the technologies that interact to form dynamic web pages with this popular approach, including Apache web server, XHTML, HTTP, and more. If you come from a web design or graphics design background and know your way around HTML, Learning PHP & MySQL is the book you’ve been looking for. The content includes: PHP essentials such as data types, program flow logic, variables, functions, arrays, and forms A detailed discussion of variations among different PHP versions MySQL data fundamentals like tables and statements Information on SQL data access for language A new chapter on how XHTML works with PHP and your web sites Coverage of security and access control with common security pitfalls Error handling, HTTP authentication, and much more As part of O’Reilly’s bestselling Learning series, the book is an easy-to-use resource designed specifically for beginners. It’s a launching pad for future learning, providing you with a solid foundation for more advanced development. Learning PHP & MySQL explains everything from fundamental concepts to the nuts and bolts of performing specific tasks, with sample applications that demonstrate how the technologies work together to build workable, fast web sites. If you come from a web or graphics design background and know your way around HTML, Learning PHP & MySQL is the book you need to get started with creating dynamic web pages.

Learning PHP and MySQL Second Edition