Implement and Maintain Rock Solid Security for Oracle E-Business Suite

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ISBN: 0072262761

Pages: 380

Publisher: McGraw Hill

Topic: Oracle eBusiness

Rating: 3 out of 5 – (3 out of 5)

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Oracle E-Business Suite Security covers everything from key infrastructure, technical, and functional information to cutting-edge auditing, cryptography, and VPD techniques.

Oracle E-Business Suite Security offers real-world scenarios and insightful tips throughout. The book also shows you how to make your E-Business system hacker-proof and how to audit and troubleshoot your system.

Oracle E-Business Suite Security begins by covering Oracle E-Business Suite security infrastructure, then it covers how to secure your Oracle E-Business Suite technical components, this entails hardening up your pl/sql web server and the oracle http server in general. This chapter also covers how to implement and secure the Oracle Virtual Private Database (VPD).

The chapter Orace E-Business Suite Functional Components chapter covers common foundation security features and it walks you through securing the human resources management system as well as general ledger and fixed assets security. The chapter also covers role based control such as creating roles and users and assigning users to roles. The chapter finished off with data auditing and regulator compliance.

Chapter 6 deals with adminstration and monitoring, such as access control, and how to monitor your systems and what people are doing with the E-Business Suite by monitoring various log files. Software and data administration are also covered including secutiry, patching the applications and purging data from the system.

The final chapter of Oracle E-Business Suite Security covers the deployment of he Oracle E-Business Suite either across your internal network or onto to internet. Single sign-on and Oracle Directory integration are covered as is Oracle SSO and LDAP deployment.

The book finishes with a number of appendices which covers security features of Oracle E-Business Suite such as Oracle Wallet Manager, how to further secure Oracle 9iAS and some useful Oracle Database SQL scripts. There is also a section on Label Security.

Oracle E-Business Suite Security is a good book which covers a great range of security areas and it indicates how what changes can be made to Oracle E-Business Suite in order to secure the software further. If you use or administer Oracle E-Business Suite then this book is a worthy read.

Oracle E-Business Suite Security Book Review