Enable Real-Time, Enterprisewide Collaboration and Content Management

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ISBN: 0072263008

Pages: 420

Publisher: McGraw Hill

Topic: Oracle 10G

Rating: 4 out of 5 – (4 out of 5)

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Oracle Collaboration Suite 10g is an integrated collection of software applications which is built on and uses Oracle Database and Oracle Application Server. Collaboration Suite itself allows its users to work together in real-time and provides users with email, voice mails, faxes, calendars, content storage and lots more. Oracle Collaboration Suite 10g is part of the Oracle Fusion Middleware platform which includes other products such as the application server, data hubs and portal among others.

The first part of the Oracle Collaboration Suite Handbook gives you an overview of Collaboration Suite itself including all the functionality together with screenshots and how it integrates with your other Oracle products.

A number of the beginning chapters in the book are given to installing and setting up Collaboration Suite, these are broken down into installing the collaboration suite database tier, the identity management component and the application tier.

A useful chapter is the chapter on how to migrate to the collaboration suite, in case you are already using another suite other similar programs such as Microsoft Exchange, Novell Groupwise or Lotus Notes. There are several tools available with Collaboration Suite to help you move your data and all of these are covered in the book.

The remaining chapters of the book then cover the administration and management of Oracle Collaboration Suite. This area is broken down into several chapters which covers setting up users, looking after the component server processes, backing up and recovering the collaboration suite data, monitoring and managing the log files and finally administering the application components.

‘Oracle Collaboration Suite Handbook’ is a very useful book if you are to be in charge of setting up and administering Oracle Collaboration suite in your company, as it takes you from installation to administering the whole system including backing up and restoring the system, it should teach you all the main points of Oracle Collaboration Suite you need to know, whether you read the book cover to cover or use it as a reference book.

Oracle Collaboration Suite Handbook Book Review