Best Practices for a High Performance Enterprise Application Management Strategy

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ISBN: 0071750339

Pages: 350

Publisher: Oracle Press

Topic: Oracle 11g

Rating: 4 out of 5 – (4 out of 5)

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This is an Oracle Press book on managing Oracle Fusion applications which begins by providing an overview of the features of Fusion Applications 1.0 together with a functional architecture model. The book then delves deeper into the technical side discussing the user interface, business logic execution, security architecture and data storage and retrieval.

The next chapter covers successful enterprise application management from the viewpoint of defining the goals of the project and making the applications available, reliable, making them perform well, optimising them and how to govern them once they are in place.

Managing Oracle Fusion Applications in subsequent chapters looks further in these main areas of the availability management toolbox, reliability management toolbox, performance management toolbox, optimisation management toolbox and finally governance management toolbox.

One nice section towards the end of the book is a Fusion Application Managers checklist providing you with a list of everything you need to think about.

Overall this is a good book which is well laid out with ample amounts of diagrams and one that will allow you to understand the components and architecture of Oracle Fusion Applications. It will also help you plan, develop and implement your application management plan.

Managing Oracle Fusion Applications Book Review