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ISBN: 0072261943

Pages: 495

Publisher: Osborne

Topic: Oracle PLSQL

Rating: 4 out of 5 – (4 out of 5)

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Expert Oracle PL/SQL is a book for advanced PL/SQL users. It introduces the reader to such topics as pl/sql internals, debugging pl/sql code, pl/sql objects, high performance pl/sql, regular expressions and the pl/sql toolkit as used in PL/SQL Server Pages.

Expert Oracle PL/SQL includes the new features found in Oracle 10g Release 2. One of the best areas of this book is the inclusion of notes in boxes such as ‘Why would I use this?’, which gives you a straight reason why and where a certain code example or piece of functionality could be used.

Expert Oracle PL/SQL is a packed book with nearly 500 pages and a lot of text, and code examples.

If you are a PL/SQL developer and want to learn more than the basics of PL/SQL which most other books teach you, then Expert Oracle PL/SQL is a good book to move onto. Expert Oracle PL/SQL is definitiely for you if you want to learn about the pl/sql toolkit, pl/sql objects and regular expressions.

Expert Oracle PL/SQL Book Review
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