I had a video which previously rendered OK mid way through completion. I made some changes then went to render. But everytime it got stuck at 14%.

I even tried it on a different PC, still got stuck. So I then knew it was the file and not the PC.

The best thing you can do is to try and work out where the percentage is along your timeline and try and fix that section, although the percentage where it stopped may not correlate completely to the timeline.

How did I know it was really stuck

In Task Manager under processes, I could see the CPU and GPU percentages had gone back to a very low value e.g. 1%

Did I fix it?


What was the problem for me?

It was some Text: HTML which I had added in.

How did I find it?

Only by removing tracks and trying to render again, so trial and error.

What happened?

I had a problem with 3 Blank HTML templates of Text: HTML overwriting themselves, so I decided to make one of the new Text: HTML templates a scroller piece but I still copied and pasted my original Blank.html code into it. So it probably tried to find the scrolling javascript code, and couldn’t find it as I had overwritten it in the source tab with general Blank HTML template code. Whether that’s what really happened to fix it I don’t know. But it now renders. So check your code.

Shotcut stuck rendering at certain percentage

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