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ISBN: 0596528000

Pages: 942

Publisher: O’Reilly

Topic: Vista

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Sure, if you’ve got time to spare, you can bop over to Second Life. But if the boss wants all the office PCs running Vista
immediately or if mastering the new Vista-ready PC is next on your to-do list,
chances are you’ve got no time to waste.

Fortunately William Stanek’s new book-Windows Vista: The Definitive Guide ()-can
save you time configuring Vista on work and home PCs. The Windows expert and
author of 63 books has devoted five years to learning everything he can about
Microsoft Vista. And he shares his insight and knowledge in this new,
comprehensive reference.

Designed as a one-stop resource, Stanek and coauthor Paul Marquardt don’t dumb
down the information. Instead, in clear and concise language they strive to
illuminate and deepen readers understanding of Microsoft’s new operating system.

“Unlike others, my book doesn’t focus on a specific user level. This isn’t a
lightweight beginner book or a guide written exclusively for developers or
administrators,” notes Stanek. “The concepts will be valuable to beginners,
power users, and seasoned professionals. I explain how features work and how to
customize them to meet users’ needs. And readers will be able to apply them
regardless of which edition of Windows Vista they’re using.”

Indeed, “Vista is the single most important launch of Windows in the history of
Microsoft. Over the next few years, the majority of home and office PCs will
transition to the new operating system. Everyone who uses a computer owes it to
themselves to familiarize themselves with Microsoft Vista right now,” Stanek

After his five-year Vista immersion, Stanek expresses surprise that some have
hesitated to adopt the new software. “Vista presents a lot of eye candy, and
this may have some believing the operating system is little more than new veneer
for the same old software,” adds Stanek. “Nothing could be further from the

More about Windows Vista: The Definitive Guide

Every chapter is organized by feature to help you zero in on topics of interest,
including how to:

-> Set up, customize, and tune Windows Vista-Optimize its appearance and
performance; install, configure, and maintain software; customize your hardware;
and install printers, scanners and faxes
-> Manage your files-Search your computer more efficiently; secure your files and
data; share and collaborate; and get the most out of accessories such as the
Mobility Center
-> Master your digital media-Create media libraries with Media Player; manage
digital pictures and videos with Photo Gallery; make DVDs with DVD Maker; and
create movies with Movie Maker
-> Get connected and start networking–Set up a home or small-office network;
learn to use Windows Mail, Calendar, and Meeting Space; conquer Internet
Explorer 7; and master on-the-go networking
-> Protect your computer-Keep your family safe while on the Internet; set up
parental controls and content ratings; navigate the computer security maze;
configure Windows Vista’s security features
-> Manage and support Windows Vista systems-Deal with user accounts, disks, and
drives; handle routine maintenance and troubleshooting; and resolve advanced
support and recovery issues
-> Learn advanced tips and techniques-Manage the Windows boot environment,
explore Group Policy, discover keyboard shortcuts, and much more

Windows Vista The Definitive Guide