Taming the Jungles of the Internet

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ISBN: 059652742X

Pages: 460

Publisher: O’Reilly

Topic: Internet

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The Internet is a travel agency, bank teller, music store, video
player, radio station, and newspaper wire service, not to mention a bulletin
board, chat room, post office, and global chess tournament. It’s a veritable
jungle of information. For many users, the complications of online banking,
searching and finding information, and sharing photos is too much to keep track

The latest release in O’Reilly’s bestselling Missing Manuals series, “The
Internet: The Missing Manual” (Biersdorfer and Pogue, O’Reilly/Pogue Press, US
$24.99) helps these users tame the wilds of the Internet.

In keeping with the style of previous Missing Manuals, authors J.D. Biersdorfer
and David Pogue take a humorous yet objective look at the Internet. Biersdorfer
has been writing the weekly Q&A column for the Circuits section of the “New York
Times” since 1998, and has authored and coauthored seven books for O’Reilly,
along with various articles addressing iTunes and iPods. Pogue, weekly tech
columnist for the “New York Times” and creator of the Missing Manual series, has
authored and coauthored thirty-eight books, including seventeen in the Missing
Manual series.

Famous for making incomprehensible technical subjects easy to master, and
entertaining their readers in the process, the authors will help people cut
through all the technical jargon and teach them not only how to connect to the
Internet, but to eliminate the confusion of search engines, downloadable music
and movies, multi-user games, podcasts, instant messaging programs, and more.
The book includes tips on how to:

-Get online: Move from dial-up to high-speed, go wireless, and stay safe once
you’re connected.
-Find information: Go beyond Google and discover tools the pros use to get the
best prices, plan the most interesting trips, and read the most useful reviews.
-Enjoy movies, music, and photos: Find the best sites to download movies, watch
TV online, listen to music, and post and share photos with friends.
-Keep in touch: Email’s only the beginning. From discussion groups to instant
messaging, from social networking to Internet phone calls, this book helps you
join the conversation.

Whether you’re an Internet novice or an experienced user, this book will provide
you with helpful information and useful tips to make the most of everything the
Internet has to offer.

The Internet The Missing Manual