Recipes to Make PHP Programming as Productive as Possible

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ISBN: 0596101015

Pages: 810

Publisher: O’Reilly

Topic: PHP

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PHP is probably the most popular scripting language on the web
today, used in more than twenty million websites. As David Sklar and Adam
Tratchtenberg, authors of “PHP Cookbook, Second Edition” (O’Reilly) say, “PHP is
the engine behind millions of dynamic web applications. Its broad feature set,
approachable syntax, and support for different operating systems and web servers
have made it an ideal language for both rapid web development and the methodical
construction of complex systems.”

Adam and David continue, “One of the major reasons for PHP’s success as a web
scripting language is its origins as a tool to process HTML forms and create web
pages. This makes PHP very web-friendly. Additionally, it is eagerly promiscuous
when it comes to external applications and libraries. PHP can speak to a
multitude of databases, and it knows numerous Internet protocols. PHP also makes
it simple to parse form data and make HTTP requests.”

This diversity and web-focus in PHP is reflected in the new second edition of
the “PHP Cookbook.” PHP programmers are constantly facing challenges on a wide
range of subjects and the more than 250 recipes in the book address this,
covering such diverse topics as:

-Form handling
-Database interaction
-Session management
-Using web services

The second edition has been fully updated to cover PHP 5 and includes several
new topics such as:

-Processing XML
-Building web services with PHP
-Interacting with JavaScript
-Working with SOAP and REST architectures

The book is primarily for programmers who need to solve problems with PHP. Those
who are already familiar with PHP can use it to overcome specific problems and
get on with their lives (or at least their programming activities.) The “PHP
Cookbook” can also show readers how to accomplish a particular task in PHP that
they may already know how to do in another language, such as sending email or
writing a SOAP server. “PHP Cookbook, Second Edition” offers a wealth of
solutions for problems that programmers face regularly and will quickly earn its
place on any developer’s bookshelf.

PHP Cookbook Second Edition