A Guide to JUNOS Software and Enterprise Certification

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ISBN: 0596514425

Pages: 812

Publisher: O’Reilly

Topic: Junos

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Written by Doug Marschke and Harry Reynolds, instructors and creators of the JNTCP-ER Certification Exams, JUNOS Enterprise Routing (O’Reilly) is the only comprehensive book for Juniper enterprise and edge routing environments. It offers complete coverage of all the services available to the JUNOS administrator, including JUNOS Enhanced Services (ES). This book is the official study guide for all three Juniper Enterprise Routing certification exams: the Juniper Networks Certified Internet Associate (JNCIA-ER), the Juniper Networks Certified Internet Specialist (JNCIS-ER), and the Juniper Networks Certified Internet Expert (JNCIE-ER), and is highly recommended reading to pass the exams. With its field-guide emphasis on practical solutions, readers can easily take the book beyond the classroom and into working networks as a design, maintenance, and troubleshooting reference par excellence. The book covers: * Juniper Networks Technical Certification Program tracks for enterprise routing, including Internet Associate (JNCIA-ER), Internet Specialist (JNCIS-ER), and Internet Expert (JNCIE-ER) * IP multicast, including Protocol Independent Multicast static, Bootstrap, and Anycast RP * Migration strategies and routing policy implementation for IGP and BGP routing protocols * Hardware and software architecture on Juniper enterprise routers * JUNOS interfaces, with advanced troubleshooting techniques * JUNOS Protocol Independent Properties (PIPs) and routing policy * Security concepts and the tools to deploy them * Introduction to the Layer 2 and Layer 3 JUNOS services, with working case studies * IP class of service (CoS), with a DiffServ deployment and operational verification case study * Coverage of the new JUNOS software with enhanced services Along with a list of examination topics covered–and a series of review questions to test your comprehension–JUNOS Enterprise Routing gives you a practical foundation to ensure effective use of JUNOS software in your day-to-day job. Doug Marschke is an engineering graduate from the University of Michigan currently working with various consulting firms, including Strategic and Cubed networks. He is JNCIE-ER #3, JNCIE-M #41, and JNCIS-FW certified. He was heavily involved in the Juniper certification exams from the start, having contributed to test writing, and is a coauthor of the current JNCIE Enterprise Exam. Doug currently spends his time working with both service providers and enterprises to optimize their IP networks for better performance, cost, and reliability. He also flies around the world sharing his knowledge in a variety of training classes and seminars with topics ranging from troubleshooting to design and certification preparation.

JUNOS Enterprise Routing