Avoid eBay Disasters, Scams, Fakes, and Bad Deals

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ISBN: 0596101783

Pages: 174

Publisher: O’Reilly

Topic: eBay

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Every day, people fall into traps while bidding, paying, shipping
and dealing with other eBayers. But you don’t have to. “Don’t Get Burned on eBay” (Wright, O’Reilly) helps you profit from others’ mistakes. It’s packed with hair-raising stories of people who made innocent mistakes that led to grief, humiliation, and loss of money. With sharp, witty rhetoric, veteran eBay user Shauna Wright (co-founder of the popular web site WhoWouldBuyThat.com), shows eBay veterans and newcomers alike how to avoid those nasty scenarios.

Wright’s book shows you how to avoid getting burned on eBay. It covers:

-Bidding: Place smart bids so you don’t get stuck with two pairs of Jimmy Choo jeans
-Payments: Never, ever, use Western Union. How the heck does PayPal work?
-Packaging: Great tips for acquiring free and discounted packing material
-Shipping: Learn what shippers to choose and when; includes information on international shipping too
-Other eBayers: Don’t get ousted from eBay making cranky or hasty comments.
-Scammers: If it looks too good to be true, it probably is

“This book is for anyone who’s ever used eBay,” says Wright. “Even veteran buyers and sellers often don’t know the intricacies of eBay’s and PayPal’s rules.”

“Don’t Get Burned on eBay” is filled with funny and outrageous real-life stories and nuggets of wisdom. Readers will come away well-informed and better protected from potential pitfalls. The book’s extensive glossary and numerous in-depth sidebars also make it useful to people who haven’t yet taken the plunge into eBay.

Don’t Get Burned on eBay