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ISBN: 059600866X

Pages: 430

Publisher: O’Reilly

Topic: PC

Rating: 4 out of 5 – (4 out of 5)

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If you are like me and like to build or upgrade your own PCs, then you need to have learnt how to accomplish this, sometimes this can be through trial and error, but this book takes you through all parts of a PC and it explains the technical jargon of each component.

‘Repairing and Upgrading your PC’ is fairly up to date as it covers with PCI Express video cards and external hard drives, although it does not cover the latest Intel Core Duo processors. But with technology changing all the time it’s difficult for any book to be completely up to date.

But even though the book is a few months old, processors, coolers and motherboards don’t really change so all the information in ‘Repairing and Upgrading your PC’ is useful.

‘Repairing and Upgrading your PC’ contains more than just about how to upgrade and repair your PC, but it also includes a buying guide, system cleaning and preventative maintenance such as a backup strategy, system security, and hard drive administration.

‘Repairing and Upgrading your PC’ sets aside one chapter for each main PC component including Motherboards, CPU, Memory, Hard Drives, Monitors and Video Cards. Each chapter includes an introduction to each component and explains the different types of components available and how to install or upgrade each component. Each chapter also includes useful tips to follow and a troubleshooting section, in case you have run into problems.

Small chapters towards the end of the book include details on keyboards, mice, wireless networks, audio cards, PC cases and power supplies.

‘Repairing and Upgrading your PC’ provided me with a great tip on how to use an internal 3.5” hard drive that I had laying around by purchasing a hard drive enclosure and all I needed to do is put the hard drive inside, and I have my own external hard drive via USB for backups etc.

Overall ‘Repairing and Upgrading your PC’ is a great book, it will certainly stay on my bookshelf as I can see it being a very handy reference when I want to upgrade my PC or have any problems.

If you want to build your own PC then ‘Repairing and Upgrading your PC’ will teach you how to put a PC together.

Repairing and Upgrading your PC Book Review