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ISBN: 0071484744

Pages: 230

Publisher: McGraw Hill

Topic: SQL

Rating: 3 out of 5 – (3 out of 5)

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‘Oracle SQL Developer Handbook’ covers the relatively new ‘TOAD’ like tool from Oracle. I always wondered why Oracle had not created an SQL Developer tool sooner, as using SQL Plus for interacting with the database was fine until you saw and used TOAD. Since I first started using TOAD, I now can’t live without it and I use it everyday.

So when Oracle released their SQL Developer tool I could not help but compare it to TOAD and I felt that the Oracle offering was nowhere near as good as TOAD, but perhaps Oracle did not intend to create a competitor to TOAD. Also if you don’t want to use TOAD and want to stick to Oracle products then the Oracle SQL Developer tool is perfect for SQL developement.

The ‘Oracle SQL Developer Handbook’ is a perfect guide to accompany the software. The book begins by getting to install the software on either PC, Linux or Mac, it then describes how to connect the program to your databases.

The following chapters take you through all of the menus in SQL Developer and explain what each area does. The book then goes onto discuss using the program for the main two areas of running sql and creating PL/SQL within the program whether you are creating a procedure, function or package.

The final two chapters of the book cover running reports from within SQL Developer. There are many predefined reports already within the program which are laid out into Data Dictionary reports and User defined reports. How to create your own reports and save the definitions are all covered in the final chapter.

If you are intent on using Oracles SQL Developer program then the ‘Oracle SQL Developer Handbook’ will come in really useful. Reading the ‘Oracle SQL Developer Handbook’ will mean you will get the most out of the program and it will give you a crash course on how to best use the application.

Oracle SQL Developer Handbook Book Review