Build and Develop Oracle XML

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ISBN: 0072229527

Pages: 575

Publisher: Osborne McGraw

Topic: Oracle PLSQL

Rating: 4 out of 5 – (4 out of 5)

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XML & SQL: Design, Build & Manage XML Applications starts by introducing the basics of XML then transforming XML with XSLT and Xpath, Validating XML, Xquery, RPC and SOAP, XML Pipeline JSPs and XSQL, Oracle XML database, storing XML data, generating and retrieving XML, searching XML and then finishes off with chapters using XML with four of the main programming languages, namely, XML and Java, Oracle XML and C, Oracle XML and C++, Oracle XML and PL/SQL.

Interfacing with external web systems using XML can be very powerful and now that Oracle allows you to store XML directly in the database and query the XML directly using SQL the possibilities are limitless and XML & SQL: Design, Build & Manage XML Applications shows you how.

I cannot comment on the use of Java or C with Oracle XML as I mainly use PL/SQL as my interface language, and XML & SQL: Design, Build & Manage XML Applications shows you how to parse XML, process and retrieve it using either XLST or Xpath, all methods are well laid out and easy to understand.

If you are about to work on a project that involves XML and Oracle then this book is a must have to help you with your task, especially if you are using using Java, JSPs, PL/SQL, C or C++ as your programming interface language.

XML and SQL Design Build and Manage XML Applications Book Review