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ISBN: 0596008996

Pages: 117

Publisher: O’Reilly

Topic: Oracle DBA

Rating: 2 out of 5 – (2 out of 5)

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Oracle Utilities pocket reference details 29 Oracle command line utilities which are supplied with Oracle.

The utilities include: csscan, dbfsize, dbhome, dbshut, dbstart, dbv, dropjava, emctl, exp, expdp, imp, impdp, isqlplusctl, loadjava, lsnrctl, maxmem, nid, oerr, oradebug, orakill, orapwd, relink, sqldr, sqlplus, tkprof, tnsping, trcroute, tstshm, wrap.

Each utility command is explained in turn giving details of exactly what the command does and a detailed explanation of the parameters that can be passed to the utility.

This is quite a thick little pocket reference at over 117 pages long, but the layout of the pages, more notably the headings do let it down a little, as it’s difficult to flick through the book and find the command you are after. The contents page at the front of the book helps out here greatly, and it is important to look at the contents page before delving into the pocket reference for a specific command or it’s advisable to add a post it note to your most used commands. There is also a longer index at the back of the book to help out.

The content of Oracle Utilities is not original, and could be found in a number of Oracle manuals or online, so for this reason the Oracle Utilities Pocket Reference is being marked down slightly in my rating of it.

Buy it if you need to know about any of the utilities I listed above, or search on the internet for them instead.

Oracle Utilities Pocket Reference Book Review