Master the revolutionary features of Oracle Database 10g

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ISBN: 0072253517

Pages: 1369

Publisher: McGraw

Topic: Oracle

Rating: 5 out of 5 – (5 out of 5)

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Oracle 10g The Complete Reference is a very large and heavy book and contains over 1,300 pages, although the remaining third of the book is given over to the Oracle SQL built-in functions and common database commands such as MIN, MAX and INSERT etc.

Oracle 10g The Complete Reference is a book for all users of Oracle including complete beginners, end users and experienced professionals. The book teaches you right from the beginning and includes a history of the Oracle DB, how to install it and start creating databases and tables. Oracle 10g The Complete Reference is then split into two main sections, SQL and PL/SQL.

Oracle 10g The Complete Reference covers all areas of SQL from basics SELECT statements to indepth areas including clusters and regular expressions. There are also other topics discussed in depth in the SQL section including Flashback queries, Virtual Private Databases, Oracle Text and everything about importing and exporting data.

The PL/SQL section gives a great overview of PL/SQL and then goes on to discuss Triggers, Packages, Functions, Procedures, Objects, Arrays, Dynamic SQL and Large Objects.

A section of the book is given to Java and Oracle, this section includes an introduction to Java, JDBC Programming and Java Stored Procedures.

Oracle Grid is also discussed in two chapters including Real Application Clusters and Grid Architecture and Management.

There are some useful chapters entitled ‘Hitchhiker’s Guides’ which cover the Oracle Data Dictionary, Tuning Applications and SQL, Oracle Application Server 10g, Database Administration and XML in Oracle. Each chapter covers everything you need to know about each topic in a ‘straight to the point’ manner.

An accompanying CD is also included with Oracle 10g The Complete Reference which contains a PDF version of Oracle 10g The Complete Reference book.

Overall this is the king of Oracle books, if you are an Oracle beginner. More experienced users will use this book more as a reference or a quick catch up guide to certain aspects of Oracle. Oracle 10g The Complete Reference gives great coverage of SQL and PL/SQL and should teach you all the basics of Oracle 10g, a lot of the content will also be relevant to earlier versions of the Oracle database. Oracle 10g The Complete Reference will also give you insights into more advanced areas of Oracle.

Oracle Database 10g The Complete Reference Book Review