Maximise the enhanced capabilities of Oracle Database 10g

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ISBN: 0072229470

Pages: 240

Publisher: Osborne

Topic: Oracle DBA

Rating: 4 out of 5 – (4 out of 5)

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When Oracle releases new versions of the Database it can take a while for businesses to make the move and actually upgrade their servers then it is up to the developers and DBAs to find and use the new features that are available to them, otherwise the Oracle database it not being used to its fullest potential. To get around this Osborne publish a book called ‘New Features’ everytime Oracle release a major new release, the latest version covers Oracle 10g.

Oracle Database 10g New Features is divided into 8 main chapters, Server Manageability, Performance Tuning, Security, Availability & Recoverability, Business Intelligence, Application Development, Other Database New Features and Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g.

There are too many new features to mention them all in this review but new functionality includes the new column level privacy in the virtual database feature, new finer grained auditing features, database recovery improvements and flashback database – now you can recover a whole database from a specific point in time, not just query data.

Big File Tablespaces have also been introduced in Oracle 10g, BFTs contain only one datafile per tablespace, and they can now handle 8 exabytes of storage. Other additions include the addition of being able to use WHERE clauses and optional DELETE commands in MERGE statements. The very important addition of regular expressions to Oracle 10g are also included in the book.

Most of the new features within the book are more geared towards DBAs, but there are specific application developer new features which are contained within their own chapters. Any new features that are not contained within a specific chapter are all grouped together into the chapter called ‘Other Database New Features’ which is a really good idea, instead of just not mentioning other new features.
There are many new features in the latest Oracle database and all of them are covered in this great book. If you don’t have the time or money to attend a new features training course then just purchase this book and learn all you need to about the latest Oracle 10g database.

Oracle Database 10g New Features Book Review