WordPress Plugin Amazon ISBN2Url

As I started my own astronomy blog, I felt the need to be able to take any 10 digit or 13 digit ISBN number I added to my pages or posts and have the number automatically appear as a url link to the amazon site including my affiliate id.

So I have written a very simple wordpress plug-in script to search for any 10 digit or 13 digit numbers which should be ISBN numbers and replace them with my amazon affiliate url.

The obvious disadvantage to my code is that if you have any other 10 digit or 13 digit numbers in your blog which are not ISBN numbers then you will still have these links changed to amazon urls.


There is only 1 file called - amazon-isbn2url.php to copy over to your plugins folder and then you just need to activate the plugin via the control admin panel.

You will need to edit the file in order to:

1. Change your amazon associates id.

Change the $affid value to your value.

2. Depending on which country you live in or which amazon associates program you are running you may need to change the amazon link in the script, as it currently is set to the UK.

You should be able to clearly see where it says in the code, so just change this to for the US etc.

Download ISBN2URL

Download Amazon ISBN2URL Wordpress Plugin

The file you download has been renamed to .phps so you can download it directly, just rename to .php before uploading to your wordpress directory.


I can take no responsibility if your affiliate links are not tracked correctly or if anything else untowards happens to your blog - sorry.