Mals mTracker Code

This page contains extra code I have created to work alongside the Mals-e free shopping cart and mTracker software which I have used for other eCommerce sites.

Mals mTracker redirection

There was a great point raised in the mals forum about the mTracker software. At the moment if you use the mTracker software and you allow your affiliates to use the links and banners you have built within Mals mTracker area, the links generated point to Mals servers.


<a href="">

This is ok, but your site will not gain link popularity/domain branding or expansion of functionality, as it points to mals domain and not yours. There is a way around this! or two ways.

Both versions mean not creating banners and links within Mals mTracker pages but placing your own links and banners on your website and telling affiliates to go there.

Version 1.

For each affiliate, you could setup a directory in your site. For example, say your affiliate's website is id #11111 and the domain name is

You could set up a directory for that affiliate, either:


or any other name you wish to give it that makes sense for you and is short and sweet because you're going to hand it out.

Then, the only file you want in that directory is an index file, like index.html or index.htm.

In that index file, the only code is a meta tag redirect to that affiliate's full affiliate link:


(Or your affiliate can do the same thing by setting up a directory likewise on their site, using the same index file.)

Then, in printed literature, the URL to handout would be: (or whatever directory you've created on your site)

When someone browses to that directory, by default the index.html file pulls up. The meta tag will go into effect and redirect to mal's.

Version 2.

This is slightly easier and comes in 2 versions, 1 for ASP and 1 for Javascript/HTML users. You do not have to be a Javascript programmer to use the Javascript version. I included the Javascript version as it is more common to have this feature on webhosts that have a server that can server ASP pages.

ASP Version

To get this working:

1. Change the "" to go to your site - remember no 'http://' is required.
2. Change the value where tm="30" in the file, as that is your cookie duration.
3. Save and Upload the tracker.asp file to your web site.
4. Create your affiliate links and images using this script in your <a href=> setting.
5. A typical text link for your affiliates would be:

<a href="">Affiliate Link</a>

** Don't forget to replace "" with the full URL to the uploaded tracker.asp file on your web site.
** Your affiliate should replace the "XXXXX" with their affiliate ID number as assigned to them
when they signed up for the affiliate program.

Click here to get the ASP script as a ZIP file.

* This script has been tested on a MS Windows 2000 server environment. It has not been tested to run on a Unix-based operating system running asp software.

Javascript Version

This version is very similar to the example above, but seems a lot simpler to me, as I have worked with Javascript a lot more.

In the Javascript version a typical text link for your affiliates would be:

<a href="">Affiliate Link</a>

I will also instruct you how to use mod_rewrite in Apache so that search engines will index your site pages, as some engines do not like the '?' in the url, we can get around this by using mod_rewrite, I can show you how.

Your healthy e-Mals affiliate 'search engine friendly' link could end up looking like this:

<a href="">Affiliate Link</a>

But in order to keep my site running, I am going to require a small payment for this version of the code.

Payment can be made by PayPal below, for the sum of £5.00 GBP or ($8.00 US).

This seems a very small price to pay for highly increasing your sites link popularity and domain branding when using the mTracker software.

Once payment has been made, I will send the code within 24 hours, with full instructions to you via email, this will be the same email address you used to make the payment.

Thank you