ICS IT Training Skills

ICS IT Training Skills

ICS is the world's largest distance learning organisation. ICS courses (more than 200 to choose from) cost from £69 to £2199.

There are hundreds of IT Training courses including:

Microsoft Office
SQL Server
Exchange Server
Windows 2000
Java Programming
Web Site Design & eCommerce
XML Programming
Visual Basic Programming
and more...

You can also gain the following IT qualifications:

and more..

IT COURSES - from ICS, the world's No. 1 in home learning, click here for more details.

As ICS is the world leader in home study, they strive to bring you the most up to date technology, courses and certifications available. The distance learning course portfolio is based around the idea of flexible learning and enables you to take a complete certification route, part of a particular certification, or even upgrade your existing certification to stay ahead of the competition - the choice is yours.

It doesn't matter if you're at the beginner, intermediate, or professional level, they can help - they offer such a comprehensive range of distance learning computer courses and certification tracks that they can help you achieve your goals at every stage of your career. Which in turn will enable you to constantly improve and advance your computer skills to take your career and earning power to the next level.

ICS's home study courses set you free to study at your own pace with no need to take time off work or change your lifestyle to fit in with college timetables. All the CD and online IT courses use unique, interactive Skill Builder CD-rom software which tailors each course to your individual needs. Leading you through your chosen course in a visual and audio step by step process, it reproduces the relevant software on screen to give you that all-important hands on experience.

What's more, the Skill Builder software enables your course to be adapted to suit you by assessing your training needs and abilities before you start your IT course. This ensures that you don't waste time going over things you already know, which can cut your learning time by up to 60% compared with normal classroom techniques.

Distance learning computer courses from ICS - your first step towards a better career, better salary and better life!

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