Dial Up & Anytime ISPs

In the UK there are a number of firms offering either 0845 internet access or Anytime internet access for a set fee per month.

0845 Internet Access

With an 0845 number you only pay for the time that you are on the internet, usually this is charged at a local rate call. All your internet charges will appear on your telephone bill along with your other calls.

All 0845 dial up accounts are free and easy to set up.

Anytime Internet Access

Anytime refers mainly to anytime day or night, for this service you will pay a set fee per month usually by your credit or debit card. You are then free to use the internet as much as you like.

It should be noted that some BT dial up internet packages only give you a certain number of hours online per month.

Shown below are some Anytime and 0845 Internet Service Providers, just click on a banner or a link to visit the site.


With no internet call charges and you can surf for 150 hours every month. Online session limits apply. BT line is required.
£15.99 a month. Click here for more info

BT Yahoo Internet Access

UK Online

Anytime access - no restrictions
£13.99 a month. Click here for more info


Anytime access
This service can speed up your existing dial up access - Hi speed x5 Internet acceleration

Click here for more information

ONSPEED - The Aternative To Broadband